For the best fresh and saltwater fishing sites, you can’t beat Fishing Vancouver Island in British Columbia. It is consistently voted the “Salmon Capital of the World” in the Campbell River area and “Fly Fishing Capital of Canada” in the Cowichan River are and this is hardly surprising as the Island is surrounded by the rich waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Cond? Nast Traveler Magazine has voted Vancouver Island the “Top North American Island” for fishing for seven years running, and no matter where you fish, Port Hardy to the Pacific Rim and Victoria you will find fantastic all-year-round fishing and vacationing weather. It is also a fabulous spot for whale watching, wildlife and First Nation sites.

The unlimited fishing opportunities provided by Vancouver Island are second to none. It doesn’t matter if you are new to this sport or an old hat, you will enjoy it. The communities of this Island are all situated close to the ocean, so fishing and other tours and services are close to the coast. The climate is mild and the shores are protected, and this is why the fishing is good throughout the year.

There are five species of salmon available to fish, from the largest prize, Chinook, the sockeye, coho, chum and pink. Another very popular game fish is Steelhead which puts up a brilliant fight and are highly prized. Rainbow and Cutthroat trout are plentiful in the lakes and rivers of the Island, and Vancouver is famous for Halibut fishing. These fish grow to large sizes and are simple to fish for. The Island waters also attract large populations of Lingcod and Rockcod.

If you take you family with you, there is no shortage of activities for them while you are off fishing and being sea-sick off the side of a boat. Shrimping, clamming and crabbing are great fun and can easily be accomplished from the sea shore. Served together with your prize catch, the seafood platters you can make will be fit for Royal consumption.

Telegraph Cove is where the serious ocean kayaking takes place and is also popular for Whale watching. Broughton Archipelago and the Johnstone Strait are marvelous areas to spend time and to fish from.

While you are fishing you might as well take the opportunity of a lifetime by spending some time whale watching. The waters of Vancouver Island are also well populated with Orca, Humpback and grey whale and it is a rare treat to take the entire family on-board ship to watch these gentle giants frolic in the deep ocean as thought they were children playing in a paddling pool.

If fishing is your passion and if you are truly looking forward to a great destination for fishing, Fishing Vancouver Island is a perfect destination. You can go for Salmon fishing and can have great experience to keep memories alive for a lifetime.