Sardinia by camping-car

Sardinia Italy is one of the most popular destinations in the world thanks to its fine sandy beaches and its clear sea with its thousand shades of blue.

The authentic villages, the traditions, and the marked culture of the island give it a certain charm for thousands of years.

Privileged by Italians and foreigners alike, especially during the summer, Sardinia can be visited at any time of the year.

Every corner of the island can be explored, from the coast to the hinterland, making it an ideal destination for motorhomes.

Follow our itinerary to travel around Sardinia in a motorhome and experience an unforgettable journey to discover the Sardinian treasures.

Travel from Airport to Sardinia With This Handy Guide

Airport to Sardinia

People from all over Europe flock to Sardinia for their annual summer holidays and it is easy to see why.

Sardinia has a wealth of natural areas, including a marine reserve, as well as an agreeable Mediterranean climate.

Where is Sardinia

Sardinia is an island with mountainous terrain and some unusual geological features.

Tourists visiting are advised to consider driving a four by four car to navigate areas like the Gennargentu massif range, the Punta La Marmora peak (which rises up nearly 2,000 meters above sea level), and the other mountains of the Marghine chain.

Car hire Sardinia need not break the bank and there are lots of hardy off-road vehicles available to rent at a cheap price.

Having a car can also be useful if you want to go to the surfers (and windsurfers) paradise of Isola dei Gabbiani and it is possible to request surf racks for your equipment as optional extras.

You need to rent a multi-purpose vehicle with lots of room, or a pickup truck if you plan on going scuba diving around the picturesque Tavolara Island.

Underwater adventurers will also enjoy the wonderful marine reserve around Sardinia, one of Europe’s finest ecological treasures, and this can be accessed from a district called Alghero.

Sardinia Map

Sardinia map

Sardinia is one of the regions of Italy but under the Italian constitution it has regional autonomy.

Although the locals speak Italian they also use the dialect of Sardinian. Oddly enough in Alghero, which has fantastic beaches and is well worth visiting, they speak Catalan.

The medieval town of Alghero is known as Little Barcelona because of its links with the Catalan capital.

However, Alghero can be quite a dangerous place to drive in due to the windy mountain roads and unpredictable motorists so care should be exercised at all times.

Your transport will come in handy though as a good way to see the magical palace – Palazzo D’Albis and the marvelous rocky bay which is Neptune’s Grotto.

Sardinia Food

Sardinia certainly has some of the cutest fishing villages in the Mediterranean such as the charming Stintino and its glorious beach, Pelosa.

You will find plenty of lovely taverns to try the local seafood and sauces, while the alcoholic drink Mirto is flavored by the berries of a bush that grows on Sardinia and is worth trying.

The Mirto berries are also used to flavor a Sardinian specialty of a roasted young pig or Porcheddu.

Most travelers to Sardinia go to the island’s capital Cagliari which has been constantly inhabited since ancient times due to its good position on a fertile plain.

Because of Cagliari’s position on the southern tip of Sardinia its port was an ideal place from which to set sail for Africa.

This was one main reason why the Phoenicians set up a colony in Cagliari.

Costa Smeralda Sardinia

Olbia Airport is the main airport in Sardinia, though it is also worth noting that there are airports at Alghero and Cagliari.

Olbia airport is alternatively called Costa Smeralda Airport and has the airport code OLB.

Olbia airport has 40 check-in desks and 10 gates and there are plenty of facilities for passengers there such as an ice cream parlor, a newsagent, and a pharmacy.

Olbia Airport

Olbia Airport has regular flights to a range of Italian and European destinations.

It is possible to fly to Sardinia through the low-cost carriers Easyjet, Jet2, Ryanair, Easyjet, TUIFLY and SkyEurope.

There are also routes to Sardinia with the airlines’ Air Berlin, Germanwings, Air Italy, and Meridiana.

Car Hire and Transport in Sardinia

Car Hire Olbia international airport is a cheap and efficient way to get to wherever you are going.

Sardinia does have some cheap bus services to Cagliari and other towns but whether you want to lug your baggage around is another matter.

Sardinia does get hot in the summer, so you may wish to request air conditioning, though the island has a cooling Mistral breeze blowing across it.

Throughout the year tourists can find cheap deals on every part of the Sardinia experience from villas and flights to low-cost cars.

The Emerald Coast

The first stop of our motorhome itinerary is Olbia, where you can admire beautiful 19th-century buildings such as the Town Hall and the Church of San Paolo.

Lose yourself in the steep streets of the historic center, visit the Mura Puniche and relax on the main beach of Pittolongu.

As soon as you leave Olbia in your motorhome, you will be enchanted by the landscape: the blue of the sea and the green of the Mediterranean forest will accompany you along the road to Golfo Aranci.

Let yourself be charmed by the natural beauty of the beaches along the coast. You can take a boat trip to visit beautiful coves such as Cala Moresca or try your hand at hiking.

Try to bump into some of the big celebrities by stopping by the luxurious Porto Cervo. Sardinia’s most famous resort is also a favorite destination for stars from around the world.

Drive back along the coast in your motorhome. Admire the lush vegetation and the typical white rocks of this area until you reach Palau.

Leave your camper in this seaside resort and take a ferry to Maddalena, the largest island of the archipelago, which is classified as a Natural Park.

Enjoy the panoramic view from the promenade that goes around the island and the wild beauty of the surrounding nature.

If you have time, we suggest you visit the other islands of the archipelago such as Caprera and Budelli, famous for their pink beach.

With its historic downtown and its market of typical local handicrafts, Santa Teresa di Gallura is a village worth visiting.

At sunset, you can see the white cliffs of Bonifacio, Corsica, turn a fiery red color. Castelsardo is another village worth visiting.

Perched on a cliff overlooking the sea, this fishing village will transport you back in time: narrow and steep streets, the smell of fish and tangled fishing nets are most authentic.

The Western Coast: from Asinara to Sinis

Traveling along the beautiful coast of Gallura in a motorhome, you will arrive at the northwestern tip of the island.

The main town, Porto Torres, is an ideal place to start a stay in Sardinia. Indeed, those who already own a vehicle can take their motorhome on a ferry from Italy.

For the others, we advise you to rent a motorhome from a private person in Sardinia.

Then head to Stintino, north of Porto Torres.

This splendid place, characterized by white sandy beaches and an extremely clear sea, will seem like a paradise! As the destination is very touristic, it will be difficult to find a parking place for your motorhome.

We recommend that you reserve a parking area in Stintino in advance.

Offshore, the island of Asinara, recognized as a National Park, offers a wild and preserved nature.

It is possible to visit the island on foot during excursions or by bike but also by boat.

Relax on the beautiful beaches and enjoy the many panoramic viewpoints to capture breathtaking landscapes.

Do not leave Asinara without meeting the white donkeys, typical of the island.

beautiful coast of Gallura

Going south on the western coast, stop at Capo Cassia to admire the white cliffs plunging into the turquoise sea.

From the limestone promontory of Capo, all you have to do is climb the 656 steps of a staircase carved into the rock to reach the marvelous Grotto of Neptune.

Take the road again to discover splendid panoramas and preserved archaeological sites, before arriving in Alghero.

Strongly influenced by Catalonia in the past, the city still maintains a strong link with this Spanish community and shines with its artistic and cultural wealth.

Enjoy an aperitif in one of the coastal towns and at sunset, dine on an excellent dish of spaghetti à la bottarga, a Mediterranean specialty.

Let’s take our motorhome route back to Bosa. The road between Bosa and Alghero follows the sinuous curves of the coastline and overlooks the sea.

Marvel at the spectacular scenery alternating between wild reefs, garrigue, and isolated coves.

Once in Bosa you will be seduced by the shimmering colors of its houses and the imposing castle that dominates the city.

Enjoy a pleasant walk along the Temo river and relax on the beach of Bosa Marina where you can watch a wonderful sunset while enjoying a glass of Malvasia, a famous local wine.

Our route continues south and the next destination of our itinerary in Sardinia is the Sinis Peninsula: a unique natural site where you can practice a multitude of open air activities.

Two stages are unmissable in our opinion: the natural formation carved in the limestone located in S’Archittu and the splendid quartz beach of Is Aruttas nicknamed the “Beach of grains of rice”. Reach the tip of the Sinis Peninsula and visit the incredible archaeological site of Tharros.

Continuing your journey along the Costa Verde towards the south, discover unspoiled and authentic places where you can relax or immerse yourself in the Sardinian folklore and culture.

The south and the Sardinian hinterland

Sardinian hinterland

The south coast of Sardinia will offer you unforgettable memories in the heart of preserved natural landscapes, much less frequented than the north coast.

Going down the coast, the next step of our itinerary in the south of Sardinia is the Costa dell’Inglesiente. From Cala Domestica to Piscinas beach, the steep and rugged landscape and the picturesque local culture will make you discover the most authentic Sardinia.

Before visiting the charming town of Iglesias, we recommend a stop to admire the 133-meter high faraglione.

This piece of rock detached from the coastline is nicknamed Pan di Zucchero or Pain de Sucre in French.

Don’t miss the island of Sant’Antioco, connected to the mainland by a short bridge. Take advantage of this opportunity to go on a boat trip and visit some heavenly coves.

Continue south along the Strada Panoramica della Costa del Sud, a beautiful coastal road.

Continue the route in the area of Sulcis to discover its kilometers of beach frequented by many surfers before arriving in Chia. We recommend a visit to the dunes Su Giudeu and Sa Colonia.

Not far from there, the charming village of Palu opens its arms to you.

Go to the nearby promontory to visit the magnificent archaeological site of Nora: an ancient Phoenician and Roman city.

We are coming to the end of our itinerary but for some Cagliari can be an ideal starting point to rent a motorhome in Sardinia thanks to the many low-cost flights that go there.

The Sardinian capital is a very characteristic city with its thousand alleys, its art corners, and its Mediterranean flavors.

From Cagliari continue along the Strada Panoramica to Villasimius where the view of the Mediterranean is breathtaking.

Villasimius is a splendid marriage between paradisiacal beaches and luxuriant vegetation, with turquoise and crystalline waters that remind us of the Caribbean.

Our route continues towards the beaches of the Costa Rei. The road to take can be perilous in a motorhome, but the landscapes from your vehicle will dazzle you every time.

If you want to get a glimpse of the charm of the Sardinian hinterland, continue your journey to Orgosolo, a town decorated by numerous murals.

On your way, don’t be surprised if you come face to face with a flock of sheep carelessly crossing the road.

Nearby, explore the Gennargentu Park, a mountain range that is home to exceptional flora and fauna.

The Many Beautiful Sardinia Beaches

Before you book your villa in Sardinia you will undoubtedly be thinking about just where to go.

Many people visit this perennially popular Italian island in order to enjoy a superb beach holiday.

Indeed, if this is your goal you will not be disappointed.

Here are some of the top beaches that Sardinia has to offer.

Cala Luna

This may not be the easiest beach to get to in Sardinia but the journey is well worth the effort. You will find it tucked in the northwestern reaches of the island.

Many Italian families take their holidays here, which should tell you something about its genuine appeal.

The crescent-shaped beach has the advantage of soaring limestone cliffs behind it, further adding to its stunning appearance.

Li Coggi

When you leave your villa in Sardinia for the day you want to know you have a gorgeous beach nearby.

If you choose to stay in the Porto Cervo area, towards the northeastern corner of the island, you’ll be rewarded with the Li Coggi beach.

The waters are lovely and shallow here and unbelievably blue, so they are popular with families and ideal for more nervous swimmers to enjoy too.

Su Giudeu

If this beach in southern Sardinia seems familiar when you visit it, don’t be too surprised. It has been used in several films and adverts, thanks to its picture-perfect appearance.

The beach consistently comes up as one of the best ones on the entire island, so if your villa in Sardinia happens to be nearby, take the time to visit for a day at least.

La Pelosa

The clear, clean waters here will make all but the most reluctant swimmers bypass relaxing on the beach altogether in favor of a relaxing dip.

You will enjoy the fine, white sands too, as you recline on this wonderful location in the far northwestern corner of Sardinia.


This beach can be found on the eastern coastline of Sardinia.

When you find a beach situated on a coastline that is regarded as a treasure by those who live there, you know you have struck gold.

Leave behind your villa in Sardinia for the day in favor of a relaxing few hours on this particular beach, with its gorgeously clear waters and soft sands.

How do you choose the best beach for your needs?

how to choose best beach

When considering the best beaches to visit on the island it is best to choose the area you want to stay in first.

Many parts of the island have more than one beach to offer, so if you choose wisely you can be sure of having your choice of several beaches to visit during your stay.

As you can see from the above highlights, there are plenty of them that are popular among thousands of visitors every single year, showing off the island at its very best.

So which beaches will you see in person when you go to Sardinia this year? Start counting…

Looking for an exciting getaway? Don’t wait any longer and rent the perfect vehicle to travel around Sardinia in motorhomes, vans, or camper vans.

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