Brewery Park at Turnwater Falls

New Market, the first European town in Western Washington, was founded at Tumwater Falls. The Olympia Brewing Company, which is now defunct, was also located there.

In 1890, the Olympia Light and Power Company built a dam and a hydroelectric power station at the falls, a decade before the Snoqualmie Falls power plant near Seattle.

Among other things, the plant-powered an Olympia–Tumwater streetcar.

A dam on the Deschutes River, which is still standing at 82 feet (25 meters) above sea level, formed ahead for the powerhouse.

The Tumwater Falls posed an impenetrable barrier for salmon until 1952 when the Washington Department of Fisheries (now the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife) built a fish ladder to allow salmon access to a newly constructed fish hatchery directly above the falls.

Prior to the hatchery operations in 1952, the Deschutes River above Tumwater Falls was a river system devoid of migratory and spawning salmon, a rare ecological event in Puget Sound’s riparian systems.

Tumwater Falls Park

The Olympia Tumwater Foundation (OTF) has owned and maintained Brewery Park near Tumwater Falls since 1962, paying tribute to the Schmidt family, who founded the Olympia Brewery Company.

Tumwater Falls Park

The huge 15-acre park was designed to perfectly complement the Deschutes River’s falls as it cascades 82 feet into Capitol Lake and Puget Sound.

Being on the falls creates an exceptionally scenic location that has provided year-round pleasure for generations of residents and visitors to the area.

The park is open to the public for free, and there is plenty of free parking. This park is unique in that it is not a city or state park; instead, it is owned by the Olympia Tumwater Foundation, a private, non-profit organization. Their maintenance and labor on the park are fantastic, and you’ll have a great time here.

Winding trails and footbridges are flanked with tall trees, plants, and flowers throughout the park, not to mention the magnificent rock rapids, reflecting pools, and tumbling waterfalls.

Brewery Park is also a great place to conduct family gatherings or small parties because of the well-kept lawns, which include picnic tables, children’s play equipment, and lots of parking.

Overall, Brewery Park is a great area to spend a summer afternoon, watch the leaves change color in the fall, enjoy some fresh air in the winter, or welcome spring.

After a comprehensive removal and rebuild project, the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife has completed work on the hatchery.

Families will be ecstatic to see the spawning salmon via new glass walls and say their goodbyes before they cross the Deschutes River. The enhanced trail systems are another highlight of Brewery Park that visitors will soon enjoy.

Thanks to the City of Tumwater, the eastern route received some much-needed repairs, while the western trail now has a paved, ADA-compliant.25-mile bicycle trail.

This bike track runs from beneath the Falls Terrace Restaurant to the Historical Park, complementing the existing western walking trail.

Tumwater falls Restaurants

Tumwater falls Restaurants

Falls Terrace Restaurant is a dining facility in Tumwater, Washington. A lounge and an outdoor terrace are available at the restaurant. Prime rib, shrimp, roast turkey, prawns, salmon, crab cakes, clams, steaks, halibut, and pork chops are all on the menu.

Oysters, fish, fillet mignon, calamari, and sirloin are among the dishes served at the restaurant.

Cabernet, chardonnay, merlot, zinfandel, pinot noir, Riesling, Syrah, and Shiraz are among the wines served at Falls Terrace Restaurant.

Cheddar omelets, ham, bacon, scrambled eggs, and roasted pecans are among the items on the Sunday brunch menu. For Christmas parties and special events, the restaurant offers promotional meal packages. Falls Terrace Restaurant also provides take-out services.

Customers dining at the Falls Terrace Restaurant have a spectacular view of the park and the higher falls.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is presently closed, but keep an eye out for when it reopens because it offers not just spectacular views but also excellent local, seasonal cuisine.

The Falls Terrace is a family-owned gourmet dining establishment with stunning views of the Tumwater Falls.

Enjoy outstanding service, delicious local cuisine, and a good wine list based on seasonal menus.

They are without a doubt one of the best dining experiences in the Pacific Northwest, with a stunning view of the Tumwater Falls and expertly cooked fresh cuisine.

Whether you’re dining in the main dining room, relaxing in the spacious lounge with views of the outdoor deck, or entertaining in the Banquet room, you’re sure to have a good time.


Tumwater Falls Park is a great place to spend some time outdoors.

Tumwater Falls Park has a lot to offer, whether you’re hoping to discover a new section of Washington, need a place to stretch your legs, or are planning a trip to this park.

Open Space, Walking, and Trails are just a few of the features and activities available at this welcome Park.

This Washington Park is a great place to visit, relax, and have a good time. For directions, use the map feature.

Tumwater Historical Park is located at the base of Deschutes Falls in the city of Tumwater’s historic district.

It is a 15-acre park located near to the former Olympia Brewing Company, which was responsible for the famous Olympia Beer.

110 Deschutes Way SW, Tumwater, WA 98501 is the park’s address The park is only a short distance from the historic Crosby House and Tumwater Falls Park.

A shelter, picnic facilities, a restroom, two play areas, one for tots and the other for kids, river access, and paths are all available in the park.

Some routes are paved, while others are gravel, and both lead to scenic views of the water.

You may bike here from Capitol Lake because the park is connected to the Tumwater/Olympia trail system.

Because access can be difficult, the following directions are provided:

Access from I-5 Southbound:

1) Take the 2nd Ave Exit #103.
2) Continue straight on 2nd Avenue until you reach the Custer Way intersection.

3) Take Custer Way to the left and look for Boston Street on the right shortly after the I-5 bridge.

4) Cross the Boston Street Bridge by turning right on Boston St.

5) Take Deschutes Way to the right. Continue for another.2 miles on Deschutes Way.

6) Turn right between the Henderson House Museum and the Crosby House into an unmarked road. This route will lead you to the Tumwater Historical Park, which is located on Grant St.